Since its founding in 2007, mPedigree has delivered the technologies and partnership models needed to create a new kind of operating system for the supply chains which carry consumer products in emerging markets.

Our social change focus shows in the kind of consumer products we provide systems to protect: medicines, agro-chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices, electricals, and similar consumables, which are critical to the health and well-being of people everywhere.

Our systems, from cutting-edge technology to innovative partnerships, ensure that such critical products reach consumers in the right condition, protected from counterfeiting, diversion, tampering, and other supply chain abuses.

In markets, such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, India, and others, we support consumer goods companies to build a smart and robust supply chain for delivering critical products to consumers.

These smart supply chains are highly interactive, enabling customers to receive and respond to real-time information about the quality of the product at the point of sale. A basic feature phone is all that the consumer needs. For quality assurance, the consumer can text-message a unique code concealed under a scratch-off mini-label on the product to a toll-free hotline available across multiple markets. This ‘logs’ the product in the smart-grid on the mPedigree Goldkeys cloud, opening the door to a vast array of customer service, marketing, health support, and lifestyle support opportunities.

The world’s smartest consumer goods companies are realising the power of this supply chain operating system and the wide range of innovative applications they can deploy on top of it. Our mission is to support them, for the benefit of their customers worldwide.

“Boosting Brand Value Through Innovations that drive Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction.”